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LA Underground Radio represents unsigned solo musicians and bands, electronic music producers and independent record labels from all over the world. We act as a global community and want to give every artist the possibility to reach out and be heard. Unlike many music sharing platforms and on-demand streaming services:

We are a Radio Station.
A real live stream radio station operated by humans.
All content is curated.
To deliver a balanced audience experience between musical compositions. Music Curation
Limited submissions.
1 song x user per month to guarantee a fair rotation of your song and maximize exposure.
Exclusive content.
Only original compositions from unsigned solo musicians and bands, electronic music producers and indie labels.
Inexpensive submission fee.
Our submission fee is set to meet every call of life.

We believe in transparency: Our goal is to get Your music out there and get heard. We act as a community and have adopted a circular model. Our small fees help run the service more efficiently, provide good quality streaming, deliver a balanced audience experience and invest in advertisement which benefits all. All of us together make it happen.

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*On average 20% of your fees are invested towards promoting your song.